Are your healthy habits keeping you from being healthy?

With the world becoming a more and more stressful environment being hyper-focused on your health could be furthering you from your goals rather than bringing your closer to your goals. The number one reason for health set backs is stress. So, creating habits that are more stressful to your daily life than helpful are most likely bringing you further from where you would like to be with your health. 

Today, we are becoming more aware of what creates health and longevity and what in an “ideal” world we should focus on. It’s no longer just focusing on adding in 45-60 minutes of exercise 5-6 days per week and eating well balanced meals. It’s focusing on things like: 

  1. Hydration
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise
  4. Sunlight
  5. Breathing mechanics
  6. Mindfulness practice (Meditation, yoga, journaling, etc..)
  7. Community 

And then within these categories there are little habits that you need to pay attention to. For example, with diet, you aren’t just paying attention the food quality and quantity you are eating, but how well you are chewing, when you are drinking water around meals, getting blood flow after meals to enhance digestion, are you eating your meals alone or with screens or with friends and family? Every little category above has sub-categories with little mini goals to focus on as well.

We all only have so much stress that we can have before we fill up our proverbial bucket and our stress “overflows” creating issues like digestive trouble, migraines, low energy, low libido, brain fog, skin issues and even disease. With the world becoming more and more toxic and stressors are at an all time high, it’s important to have good habits, however, more importantly don’t let your habits become another stressor to you.

So, am I telling you to say “fuck it” and eat cheeseburgers and sit on the couch. Definitely not. The goal is to create healthy habits to mitigate the stress of your environment, but do not become so focused on fixing your stress that it becomes stressful. Having balance in your life and being able to go with he ebbs and flows will be the best stance when taking a stance for your longevity.

If you are looking to add some of these habits into your routine. Start slowly. Pick the symptoms or issues that you are trying to “clean up” and monitor them. Then choose a habit for 30-60 days (ideally until you have mastered it) and can perform it on autopilot and then you can address the next step. Trying to add in a morning routine that includes meditation, yoga, walking outside with the morning sunrise, and journaling all at once will most likely lead to failure because it’s too time consuming, overwhelming and not sustainable.

I have worked with clients for for upwards of 4-6 weeks with simply a focus on hydration. When creating change, make it permanent before adding another stimulus (stressor).

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