Better to Worse

It’s not often that someone starts a nutrition or training plan in order to see progress for a small period of time, with the intent of returning to his or her original state.

More often people walk into the gym or start a plan in the first place to create long-lasting, sustainable change. So what’s the difference between these two scenarios?

The number one piece of advice that I have for someone trying to create longevity and a new lifestyle for themselves isn’t about the food they are or aren’t eating. It’s about their mindset.

Shifting your mindset from the continuum of “all or nothing” to “better to worse” is the number one thing that creates sustainable habits.

The “all or nothing” mindset creates too much possibility for failure. While we can learn from failure, it can also be very defeating for those who haven’t had to deal with a particularly large amount of it.

Going to a dinner party with friends while owning this mindset can create the effect that when things are not perfect and one cannot stick to their set “plan” they throw the towel up in the air and eat in excess anything thing they want just to wake up and feel guilty. Sound familiar?

When you start to shift your mindset to the ideals of choosing the best options possible in moderation for the situation at hand, it puts you back in control of your social, emotional and physical health. Owning a higher order mindset of “better to worse” takes away the anxiety of the social gatherings around the holidays, business meetings and even just getting together with friends on the weekend.

Shifting your mindset isn’t easy. It can take years for people to appropriately shift their focus. Sounds fleeting? Well, in 3 years you will wish you started today. So, why wait?

Being with friends shouldn’t be source of anxiety, it should be a time to enjoy each others company.

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